Fluffy the Great is a rabbit sanctuary in Gordon's Bay, Western Cape, named after Fluffy, our original rescued Angora rabbit. Over the years we've accumulated hundreds of homeless rabbits under our care, and need your help to keep them fed, sterilised (we all know the saying about rabbits and breeding!), and sheltered until we can find them forever homes.

You can help us by donating food, bedding materials, even cages or enclosures - and importantly, funds for sterilisation! Did you know that female rabbits have two wombs, so they can be pregnant with two litters at the same time, and gestation period is as little as three weeks in some species! It's cheaper to sterilise males than females, but males can stay potent for up to two weeks following sterilisation, so it makes more sense to sterilise the females when we can. 


Here's some more detailed information on the types of food, bedding, and building materials we're always in need of. You can contact us using the information to the right to arrange collection or drop-off of donated goods. <3


  • Afresh rabbit pellets (pure harvest rabbit feed, 18%)
  • Teff and oat hay
  • Water - the sun and wind makes it difficult to keep exposed water areas as the water evaporates quickly. We currently have several shallow containers scattered around the sanctuary, and keeping these topped up is a mission in itself. We have a borehole, but the water is a little bit salty and not ideal. Donations of recycled water are greatly appreciated!


Teff and oat hay, hay, wood catlitter

Building materials:

Gum poles, steel mesh, insulation (e.g. polystyrene), roof sheets, sheet plastic, planks, turf (as you can imagine, the rabbits graze through our lawn very quickly!)